Argentina Exported Five Containers of Garlic From Mendoza to Taiwan

2020-05-20 11:33:33

Argentina has exported five containers of garlic produced in Mendoza to Taiwan, which does not import garlic from mainland China. China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.The garlic exported this time is 5000 kg, packed in 20 kg bags, with a total value of more than 200000 US dollars.

Taiwan is the most important market for Mendoza's garlic sector. At the same time, Taiwan also imports garlic with low demand from other markets and purchases it at a competitive Garlic Price.

Two of the five containers contain garlic of 4 caliber, each of which is worth US $33600. The other three containers contain garlic of 6 caliber, each of which is worth US $48000. For now, exporters expect Taiwan to continue to place more orders.

"The outlook for the 2019 / 20 garlic season is very good, with China and Spain as our main competitors and their reduced supply driving strong demand for the product," said Mario Lazzaro

Lazzaro said he expects garlic exports to reach 60000 tons this season, higher than in 2016 / 17, but lower than 76000 tons in the previous season, due to the reduced planting area this season.

The goal of Mendoza's garlic sector this year is to maintain its position in the Brazilian market and improve its profitability, as well as its position as an exporter of garlic in European markets such as Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition, Spain may buy Mendoza's garlic to meet its export obligations in Europe, Lazzaro said.