Do You Know The Magical Effect of Roasted Garlic?

2020-05-19 11:57:16

Recently, a post circulated on the Internet: garlic has a strong medicinal value, especially when roasted. After a person eats 5 roasted garlic, the cholesterol level and blood pressure can be adjusted within 24 hours. Does roasted garlic really have such a magical effect?

In this regard, Mr. Feng, the vice president and nutritionist of the Gansu Cooking Association, said that garlic contains allicin, which can reduce the three highs, and of course, sterilization. Roasted garlic is more easily digested and absorbed by the human body. So the effect is more obvious. So this post says that roasted garlic has the effect of lowering blood pressure and regulating cholesterol.

However, Mr. Feng also said that it is not possible to completely lower blood pressure and regulate blood lipids by eating roasted garlic once. If the effect is significant, it must be taken repeatedly for a long time. 10-20 grams of roasted garlic are consumed daily for a period of ten days. More obvious. The reason to eat roasted garlic is that eating raw garlic can easily cause irritation to the human gastric mucosa, and it is difficult to digest and absorb. However, if it is cooked, it will be necessary to fry in oil, so the garlic's lipid-lowering effect will be greatly reduced, so Roast and roast, the taste is good and it is good for digestion and absorption.

In terms of diet, garlic has the effects of preventing blood clots and lowering blood lipids, blood mucosa, and hypertension. However, once in a while, the effect is not obvious, which requires long-term consumption.

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