"Current Garlic Prices Are Down Slightly From The Same Period Last Year"

2020-05-21 11:24:03

"A new round of garlic cultivation is underway. At present, the yield situation is not clear. According to my estimation, considering the market situation of garlic in recent years, the area of new garlic cultivation should be nationwide this year. Decrease, "said the exporter.

Workers sort garlic

"From a price point of view, the current China Garlic Price has dropped slightly compared to the same period last year, and the market is still stable. In the export market, the peak export season has passed, the current wages of workers are high, and overseas buyers are not enthusiastic about purchasing. "

"In the past few years, the garlic price has been falling and falling, so many garlic farmers and distributors are unable to recover their costs. From the perspective of development trends, this year's garlic prices have almost reached the lowest point. According to my estimates, next year's garlic The market will rise due to a reduction in total supply. "