Anqiu Garlic

2020-08-04 11:50:47

Anqiu garlic has unique characteristics, with large heads and large cloves, strong water absorption, strong flavor, spicy and delicious. Small-scale planting began in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, it cultivated more than 300 mu with a total output of 130,000 kg. It is well-known inside and outside the province. Now the planting area reaches tens of thousands of mu with a total output of 10 million kg. In 1995, it was named the "Hometown of Chinese Garlic and Ginger". China Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality. Because Anqiu garlic is rich in vitamins, amino acids, protein, allicin and carbohydrates, it has high medicinal and nutritional value, so it is sold all over the country and processed into dehydrated garlic slices, sweet and sour garlic, garlic essence, garlic paste, minced garlic and other products are exported abroad.

Baifenzi Town is located in the middle of Anqiu City, with a total area of 69 square kilometers, 62,000 mu of arable land, 68 administrative villages and 38,000 people. The town is a large agricultural town, rich in wheat, corn, ginger, garlic, mineral products, etc. especially famous for growing ginger and garlic. In 1996, it was named "Hometown of Chinese Garlic and Ginger" by the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1995, it obtained the AA level green food certificate; in 1997, it registered the "Baifenzi" trademark in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Baifenzi Town, Anqiu City was named the "Hometown of Chinese Garlic and Ginger" by the Ministry of Agriculture of China. The processed ginger pieces, ginger buds, dehydrated ginger slices, softened ginger buds, pickled ginger pieces, ginger essence, ginger juice, ginger sugar and other products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries in addition to being sold to all parts of the country.