Henan Village: Garlic Has a Bumper Harvest

2020-07-20 10:49:06

In Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, it rained for many days in a row, and finally ushered in a sunny day on July 7. More than 40 acres of Shandong garlic in Henan Village, Yulin Town, Saihan District had been lying in the ground for more than 10 days due to rainy weather. Now that the harvest is finally possible, the villagers are busy in the garlic planting base.

It is understood that the local more than 10 acres of "horse garlic" can be matured in more than 20 days. The villagers said that this garlic is tasty , sweet and spicy with a thin skin and This garlic tastes different from the garlic from the market. The taste is different. Peeling the white garlic head, the garlic clove is tender and neat, really enjoyable.Chinese garlic suppliers provide reasonable China garlic price garlic price and high quality garlic for consumers all over the world, which is suitable for cooking a variety of delicious food.

In 2017, the village committee took the lead in planting garlic using the transferred land. After the garlic harvest was harvested that year, the villagers began to grow garlic in small scale in their own fields, and found a new way out of poverty.