Gangling County Garlic Industry Chamber of Commerce Was Established

2020-06-10 13:46:05

On June 6, 2020, the establishment meeting of the garlic industry chamber of commerce of Lanling County Federation of Industry and Commerce and the first member congress were held. More than 300 garlic companies and colleagues gathered at the Lanling Hotel to participate in the establishment meeting. The International Garlic Trade Network was invited to attend the meeting .

At 10 am, the meeting entered the first stage (the first member congress), played the national anthem, and read out the approval of the establishment of the chamber of commerce. The meeting reviewed and approved the "Articles" and "Electoral Measures", the decision of the first session of the council, the board of supervisors, and the leadership group of the council.

In the second phase of the meeting (commercial chamber inaugural meeting), Comrade Ren Li, vice chairman of the Lanling County CPPCC, delivered an opening statement announcing the election results of the meeting: Mr. Xu was the president of the first chamber of commerce, and Fu Yinping, the Jinling Vegetable Farming Professional Cooperative of Lanling County, was the secretary-general. And issue certificates, letters of appointment and plaques to the electors.

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