The Philippine Ministry of Agriculture Monitors the Production And Import of Onions And Garlic

2020-05-23 11:30:22

To ensure adequate supply and stable prices, the Department of agriculture (DA) of the Philippines has released a stronger and simpler monitoring and evaluation plan for local and imported onions and garlic.

"Onions and garlic are the main spices that make our Philippine diet more unique," said William Dar, Secretary General of the Ministry of agriculture. "Therefore, in order to achieve stable supply and Garlic Prices, we should ensure adequate supply throughout the year by increasing local production, establishing more storage facilities, and balancing demand with imports during the off-season," the Secretary General added. "This is the goal of executive order No. 2-2020 issued by the Ministry of agriculture of the Philippines on January 3, 2020."

AO2 guides the development agenda policy and Planning Office (da-ppo) and relevant agencies, such as the Plant Industry Bureau (da-bpi) and agricultural integrated enterprise and marketing support services (da-amas), to develop and implement appropriate medium - and long-term plans. Long term policies and strategies to enhance the competitiveness of onion and garlic industries in the country.

Da-ppo will deploy annual demand for onions (red creele and yellow granex varieties) and garlic in the country based on historical data over the past five years. Da-ppo will then plan and coordinate with farmers, including providing support and incentives to ensure intensive production and harmonization of policies that will enable farmers to safely transition to high-value crops in accordance with the rice Tariff Act.

"We must develop and implement a medium - and long-term strategy. This includes providing necessary support and financial assistance to organized farmers' groups, certified importers and traders, and local government departments. " DAR told Garlic Price is reasonable and of high quality.