Garlic Processing

2020-05-18 10:57:12

1. Purchasing raw materials choose about 5 cm in diameter, high maturity, dry, clean, complete outer skin, no worms, no rot, no moldy garlic.
2. Garlic segmentation, strictly control the quality of the segmentation, to prevent the phenomenon of violent segmentation. It is strictly forbidden to hurt the bottom of the garlic segment during the segmentation process to ensure the integrity of the garlic segment.
3. The mechanical steamer skin strictly controls the air pressure to avoid the garlic damage caused by the high air pressure. The conveyor chain should be cleaned frequently. Observe the garlic discharge situation, find the garlic damage, find the cause in time, and troubleshoot.
4. Ensure that the garlic conveyor belt is clean and smooth, and find that the garlic is damaged during transportation, and handle it in time.
5. The color sorter keeps the appearance clean and tidy. It is operated by professionals. It is found that there are garlic peels and other sundries at the color sorting window. Improve the accuracy of the color sorter.
6. Rinse the bubble pool to ensure that the water in the pool is clean. When the water is found to be turbid, open the drain valve to replenish fresh water in time. Close the drain valve until the water in the pool is clear.
7. Sorting platform The sorting quality is sorted strictly according to customer order requirements. The sorting platform must be bright and clean. The garlic must be disinfected before it falls into the sorting platform. Spray alcohol for 1 hour during the sorting Disinfect your hands once.
8. Two rinse bubble tanks: Add chlorine dioxide or sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of 200ppm in the water of the bubble tank for the first disinfection treatment. An isolation net should be placed in the pool.
9. Disinfection tank Add 300ppm chlorine dioxide or sodium hypochlorite to this disinfection tank, strictly control the disinfection time for 10 minutes, and place an isolation net in the pool. When the outside temperature is high, sodium hypochlorite must be stored in a freezer to avoid concentration reduction.
10. Fresh-keeping, sterilization and color-protecting pool The pool can be added with VC, or sodium ascorbate, and L-cysteine, and the ratio of chlorine dioxide is 0.008-0.017% + 0.032-0.034% + 0.007-0.012% for 8 minutes. An isolation net should be placed in the pool.
11.The dry machine guarantees cleanliness and no odor. Wash it thoroughly after each use. Squeeze the water on the sponge wheel, cover it with a UV disinfection lamp cover, and turn on the disinfection lamp for disinfection.
12 The air-drying room ensures that the ground is clean, tidy and free of standing water. The temperature is strictly controlled. The true temperature is between -0.5 ° and 1.5 ° degrees. Each time after cleaning, it must be disinfected before the next use. During regular disinfection. When placing pallets, leave space between each pallet to ensure air circulation. Turn on the dehumidifier and the fan after the garlic enters on the day, turn off the dehumidifier to retain the fan after air-drying for 48 hours, and turn off the fan after the air-drying time exceeds 72 hours. The garlic that is newly entered every day and the garlic that has been air-dried for a period of time must be separated by a certain distance.
13.The temperature of the packaging room is controlled between -0.5 ° and 1.5 °, keep it dry, and the floor is clean and tidy without water accumulation. Do regular disinfection. The light should be bright. The empty basket is drawn into the air-drying room in time. garlic baskets are strictly prohibited to fall to the ground. If they are found, they should be placed uniformly and disinfected next time. Production utensils should be disinfected after use every day. Labels must be uniformly positioned according to requirements. It is strictly forbidden to display skewed stickers. The seal must be flat, the pattern is obvious, and the temperature is suitable. After sealing, check it. Put it in a cardboard box the next day and observe that there are no leaks and no flatulences.
14.The temperature of the finished product warehouse is controlled between -1 ° and 1 ° degrees, keep it dry, the ground is clean and tidy, and there is no standing water. Finished products are neatly arranged. 
15.Before loading, the temperature in the container must be cooled to a temperature that is not significantly different from the temperature of the finished product. The workers must keep the container hygienic during loading. It is strictly forbidden to step on the carton, smoking, eating, and spitting.
16.Delivery to the port requires the driver to keep the container on-hook on the road, effectively cool down, and reach the port as soon as possible.
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