"Garlic Exports Encounter Uncertainty"

2020-05-16 10:27:47

"Domestic garlic companies are gradually returning to normal processing operations, but the sudden outbreak in the European market has brought great uncertainty to our garlic exports." Mr. Sun said.

"Our factory in Jinxiang, Jining has begun to resume normal operations. Since most of the workers are local, there is a high rate of return to work, and there is no shortage of workers. When we started work again, we first supplied the Southeast Asian market. At present, we export to Goods from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries have all arrived in Hong Kong. Due to the high standards of domestic fresh garlic in the European market and the long processing time, we started shipping to Europe 2 weeks ago. This batch of goods is expected to end in March Arrived at the port. "Mr. Sun said," In terms of exports, last month, our export volume of fresh garlic dropped by about 20% compared with the same period of last year. The decline in export volume was mainly due to the shortage of factory workers and failure to complete orders on time. In terms of price, the current price of fresh china garlic exported to Europe is about $ 1400-1500 / ton. "

When talking about market conditions in the next few weeks, Mr. Sun said, "As far as we know, Manila, Philippines blocks all air and sea transportation channels, which is equivalent to closing Manila for one month. Cargo ships bound for Manila, Philippines will be affected. This can't help us worrying about whether other countries will also take measures to ban the docking of ships. As far as the European market is concerned, 30-40% of our products are sold through supermarkets, and 60-70% of garlic is sold through wholesale. Channel sales. Restaurants are one of the main end customers of the wholesale channel. With the spread of special conditions in Europe, restaurants in many countries are closed. If the restaurant is closed for a long time, the distribution of local sellers will decrease, and the speed of delivery will slow down. This will cause traders to delay or reduce their purchase plans. In short, the continued special situation will undoubtedly seriously affect the market demand for garlic, so I am more worried about the export situation in the next few weeks. The receipt of new garlic will be on May 10 Beginning on the 15th. But from the current point of view, the number of old garlic in domestic garlic stores is still very large. It is expected that the listing of new garlic will further affect the market. Into shock, causing China Garlic Prices to fall. "

In addition to fresh garlic, our company's main export products include fresh garlic rice, frozen garlic, and black garlic.