Chinese Garlic Exports to Europe Meet Resistance 

2020-05-15 13:54:31

In the EU, garlic imports are subject to quota restrictions. A large amount of garlic imported from China has always occupied the EU market.
After the Spring Festival (February 5, 2019), Chinese garlic export prices started to rise. According to Tucillo, China Garlic Price rose sharply, but this did not affect our imports. As the sales season ends, we tend to consume the amount that is still available in the refrigerator while waiting for new products to come to market. "
"Prices in Europe remain the same, and Spain has increased slightly. The Chinese supply in the Netherlands is increasing, but the interest of a single trader is low, as is the demand in Italy and throughout Europe."
As for the new products, "We are currently importing fresh garlic from Egypt at low Garlic Prices, which is in line with the European and Spanish market quotations. Italy and Spain will start harvesting from the end of April to early May, and conditions are expected to be good this season.France will start from May to June, followed by the harvest season in Europe and the rest of the United States. "