Onion Prices Plunged Nearly 70%

2020-05-13 11:36:03

Yunnan Yuanmou is one of the main onion producing areas in China. The onion planting area is over 40,000 mu, of which more than 70% is exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries. Every March and April is the local onion mining season. The price of onions rose sharply last year, but due to special circumstances this year, orders for onions for export were cancelled in large quantities, and China Garlic Price plummeted.

According to the statistics of Nengyu Vegetable Wholesale Market in Yuanmou County, the onion currently sold is 19,800 tons, the price is 8-35 yuan / bag (25 kg / bag), of which the average price of yellow onion is 10 yuan / bag; the average price of red onion is 31.5 yuan / bag. In the same period of 2019, the price of onions was 29-40 yuan / bag, the average price of yellow onions was 31 yuan / bag, and the average price of red onions was 37.5 yuan / bag, down 67% and 16% year-on-year.

In Yuanmou ’s local vegetable wholesale market, many purchasers came here a month ago to purchase onions at the garlic price 2019. However, with the large number of onions listed, the prices have repeatedly reached new lows. The purchasers are very worried about the future price trend of onions. It is expected that in the later period, as the markets in various regions return to normal, onion prices are expected to pick up in the near future.