"Onion Prices Return to Levels Before Consumers Snapped Up"

2020-05-12 17:35:39

"The situation is very good." Wim Waterman talked about the onion market. "After the government took measures to cope with the special situation, we experienced several weeks of peak sales and strong demand. Then came a period of saturation, because people have consumed too many onions, which is three times the usual. Then, demand Rise again. "

"In terms of prices, we have returned to the level before people started buying frantically, so we may start to rise again, and the situation will only get better." Wim continued, "Due to Polish demand, the price of crude onions has increased by 10 cents, It is a good foundation in the market. Because of the rising container prices, long-distance export is more difficult. The demand in Africa is relatively calm. Brazil has bought some onions again, and we can receive onion levels of 60-80 from Israel. "

"Overall, I do n’t think we should complain about the onion market this year. This is not the peak season last year, but the overall Garlic Price is still good. The price of red onions is good because the quality is particularly good. Red onions suitable for supermarkets can still Sell, but if the quality drops slightly, sales will immediately become difficult. "Wim continued.

"Due to the border closure, regional blockade, lack of containers and drivers, the barriers to the onion market are mainly concentrated in logistics, regardless of the size of the trade. For example, in North America, because they cannot export, they have to discard a lot of onions.

According to Wim, he looks forward to the new season's harvest, and the drought is not a big problem for Noordoostpolder growers. "The irrigation capacity here is sufficient for normal farming and emergencies. Of course this method will consume some energy, but the drought here is not so serious."
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